Company registration services in Lithuania

When you need a fresh one

Company registration

Setting up a new company is not the fastest way to get business running, but it also has some advantages. Before the establishment of a company, it is always possible to conclude the articles of association that correspond to the management and activities of the company, choose the legal entity’s registration address and the name.


When you need it yesterday

Ready-made company

The purchase of an enterprise has the advantage that it can start business activities at the same day, sign contracts, you will not need to deposit share capital for registration, visit notary pub. The company will also look more solid in front of its customers if it is registered several years ago compared to a freshly registered company few days ago.


When you don’t need it anymore

Sale of company

If you have been running business for a while, but due to the circumstances, the business has stopped or you have decided to discontinue your business because of other reasons, in this case you can sell the company to us. Therefore, you will avoid long and unpleasant winding-up proceedings.


Whenever you need a company

Establishment – Purchase – Sale

All company registration services under one roof.

If you’ve visited this current section of website, apparently you are quite seriously interested in company registration in Lithuania. And it’s not in vain to be interested about the legal aspects of the company registration, because after the start of the business, small legal things may cause unnecessary costs, like doing additional changes in Articles of Association. Also, do not forget to calculate which legal form is more favorable to your prospective business model in terms of a tax and management. If you still haven’t found all the answers you were looking for, you should be contacting us instantly, because we have all the answers to your questions. Establishing companies in Lithuania, it is our daily work, which we work for more than 10 years. Therefore our specialists have accumulated many years of practical experience – I have no doubt that it will facilitate your business start.

In the market usually occurs two options for the company registration in Lithuania:

  1. Company formation – this method allows the company’s future owner to choose the company name, which must comply with the Lithuanian language standards, address, share capital, number of shares and their value, and other corporate governance bodies. These companies are being purchases by persons who exactly know what kind of company they need and have some specific requirements for it.
  2. Ready-made company purchase – this method allows the buyer, the company’s future owner, quickly and on the same day to buy the company in Lithuania. These companies are usually purchases by entrepreneurs who needs a simple legal entity and bank account. All other details of their new company is not very important, because they usually already have a customer base, so they just require to get a company fast and at a lowest possible costs.

Business Initiation – an important step in everyone’s life. It is no secret that the UAB registration of own business is one of the most difficult and the most effort, determination and patience consuming work. In order to easily and quickly manage with all the resultant problems of establishing a business, we offer our assistance. Since our company provides all services that can be needed for establishment of a new company. It is also no less important, many new businessmen starts a business having a limited amount of money. It is very important to spend money wisely, avoiding unnecessary expenses at the business beginning.

UAB registration within three days
First of all, you need to decide what will be the name of the company, the share capital you require, what will be the governing bodies, how many shareholders will be included and who will be the head director of the company. It will be necessary to provide shareholders and the head director passport copies to initiate UAB registration procedure in Lithuania. Then we will prepare necessary documents to open a cumulative bank account to deposit the share capital. Within three days, the company will be registered in the Register of Legal Entities. UAB registration takes only three days for the whole process. You will not have to worry about any required documents – we will take care of everything!

Services we provide:
If you do not have enough knowledge on how to start UAB registration in Lithuania, be aware that the UAB establishment is our company’s everyday life. We will provide professional advice and answers regarding any questions you may have. At your request we can register a company with the name you select and organize all documents for registration of VAT number. If you are in a hurry, and you already needed a company yesterday, you can buy a ready-made company in one day!


We always have a big list of various ready-made companies (UAB) for sale, which are ready to do business any time. Joint Stock Company (UAB) is one of the least risky business forms, and actually the best choice for anyone who wants to set up small to medium-sized business. All our companies for sale have impeccable financial past, a stamp, registration address, bank account, statutes and other necessary documents related with the company. If you need a company as fast as possible, it is better to purchase a ready-made company instead of registering a new one, because you will save from three to five business days. And if you already know what business you would like to engage, leave all the paper work to us! We will prepare all necessary documents for company transfer, meanwhile you will be able to take care after more important business matters. We offer newly registered ready-made companies or registered before 1, 2, 3 or even 10 years ago, also some of the companies already have operating and turnover history.

UAB “Auditas LT” offers a perfect solution for those who want high-quality and fast start – by purchasing a ready-made company. You not only save time, but also will get registration address for an indefinite period of time and will become a shareholder of JSC (UAB) and director on the same day, after we will sign necessary documents, therefore you can immediately start business.


We are sure that you have already spent a lot of time investigating new countries for business expansion. If you are reading this section it might mean that you have decided to start a business in Lithuania. If it is so, let us congratulate you, because Lithuania is a really potential country for business expansion. Did you know that Lithuania has one of the fastest internet speed access around whole globe? Also CNN has listed Vilnius city one of top 10 smartest cities, Bloomberg marks Lithuania the 8th best country in education. Doing business in Lithuania is ranked in 11th place according to the ease of doing business. To avoid any possible problems while doing a business in Lithuania we are here to assist you!

Services for starting a business in Lithuania
It is not a secret that starting a business in a foreign country requires a trust worthy local partners. Since 2005 we are providing various services for business clients and we can assure that our experienced professionals will take a lot of hassle from your head. Business in Lithuania will look a lot easier with us nearby. Our accounting department will take care after your business accounting and our business consultants will assist you developing business, electing staff, renting an office, obtaining certain licences. Each our client is treated like most important partner, and service quality satisfaction is guaranteed!

Start business today
Wait no more and start earning money today. Business in Lithuania has never been so easy with our assistance! We will solve all possible problems related with business expansion in Lithuania. It doesn’t matter your are small or big player in the market, everyone will get its market share in Lithuania.